The true cost of product recalls - and how to avoid them

Product recalls can have a devastating impact on your company, and they’re on the rise. According to Allianz, the average cost of a food recall is £312,000. And, with more than a quarter of recalls due to foreign matter contamination, it’s crucial to [..]

Auditing and traceability – How to ensure you conform

Auditing and traceability are crucial issues for the food production industry today. Not only are they integral to the success of your business. They also play a central role in maintaining and improving global food safety standards.

Looking for ways to reduce your giveaway?


Looking for ways to reduce your giveaway?

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Sparc Systems COP Video

To maintain your position in the global food industry, you need pinpoint precision, instantaneous data and absolute compliance. Watch our Codes of Practice video below to learn how Sparc Systems can help you tick all the boxes with vision-ready [..]

The Complete Guide to Vision Inspection Technology

Products are recalled day-in-day-out for a host of reasons, with labelling errors and omissions tending to be the main culprit for the vast majority of recalls.

Why Esro chose our pipeline X-ray inspection system

An X-ray system that could find and remove contaminants. A machine that was compact, robust and hygienic. Simple and user-friendly. These were just some of the features that Esro Food Group sought when comparing systems so it could guarantee [..]

Trace and track your route to success

  • Pressure on margins due to increased ingredient, transportation and energy costs.
  • Stricter product safety requirements.
  • Market pressure from lower cost retailers such as Aldi and Lidl.
  • Online businesses like Amazon and Ocado investing heavily in [..]

How to ensure COP compliance and boost productivity

  • Targeted digital data capture
  • Built in reject integrity test
  • Real-time reporting functionality

Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

There’s only one Superman. He’s a pretty talented guy. But even he’d be spreading himself pretty thin (not to mention neglecting his evil-thwarting duties) if he used his x-ray vision to help every [..]

Spotlight on quality control: How to share data and reportin...


Technology has advanced very quickly. With the right equipment, it’s straightforward to share sophisticated data and reporting quickly and seamlessly with your customers. As a result, you’ll deliver high quality, low risk and compliance with EU [..]

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To maximise return on your investment, we’ve put together a dedicated resource hub to help bakery, protein, produce and pharmaceutical companies manage your checkweighers systems and food X-ray inspection equipment.