Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

Why you don’t need Superman to avoid product recalls

There’s only one Superman. He’s a pretty talented guy. But even he’d be spreading himself pretty thin (not to mention neglecting his evil-thwarting duties) if he used his x-ray vision to help every [..]

Spotlight on quality control: How to share data and reportin...


Technology has advanced very quickly. With the right equipment, it’s straightforward to share sophisticated data and reporting quickly and seamlessly with your customers. As a result, you’ll deliver high quality, low risk and compliance with EU [..]

Key vision systems appointment

Vision systems expert Karl Holt to spearhead international growth

Experienced vision systems expert Karl Holt has joined our team as Visions Solutions Director and will head up our vision inspection arm as we expand into Europe.

How to make a successful investment in X-ray technology

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety revised its inspection guidelines in 2015. As a result, around 22,000 BRC-certified processors and manufacturers need to update their processes to ensure their products remain compliant.

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Get the most out of your system with our free checkweighers system resource hub

To maximise return on your investment, we’ve put together a dedicated resource hub to help bakery, protein, produce and pharmaceutical companies manage your checkweighers systems and food X-ray inspection equipment.

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